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LIVE CE WEBCAST: From Simple Occlusal Adjustments to Treating Occlusal “Neurotics”

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Dr. Barry Glassman
Hosted By: Dr. Barry Glassman
When: Friday, September 10, 2021
Time: 5:00 pm (PT) / 8:00 pm (ET)
Duration: 1.5 hours
CE Credits: 1.5 hours of live lecture CE credits

We have all dealt with a post restorative complaint and corrected it by adjusting a “high spot” that was inadvertently created during the procedure. Almost without fail a single adjustment resolves the complaint.

We have all dealt with patients who were hyper aware of their occlusion. Some of those patients get labeled as “occlusal neurotics.”

This 90 minute on-line CE session, then, is geared for the general dentist with the goals to improve daily occlusal adjustments in restorative therapy as well as to learn how to deal with more complex occlusal issues.

There is a continuum of disease that starts with a single tooth awareness that progresses to jaw discomfort and awareness that a bite is “uncomfortable” to a patient totally focused on their “bite” often seriously effecting the quality of their lives. The later stages of this disorder is termed “occlusal dysesthesia.”

There are many literature references to this somatic disorder. It is difficult to assess the frequency of the disorder. Because it is a continuum, many patients have a degree of the disorder and are therefore vulnerable to proceeding to a more serious, life altering form of the disease. The disorder is associated with a vicious cycle between an increased trigeminal signal and the reticular activating system. Appropriate treatment to interfere in this vicious cycle will be thoroughly explored.


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LIVE CE WEBCAST: From Simple Occlusal Adjustments to Treating Occlusal “Neurotics”
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