Western Dental names new COO and Executive VP of Clinical Care

Posted: October 9, 2020
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ORANGE, Calif.—Western Dental announces the appointment of Preet M. Takkar as Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, effective September 30.

Western Dental names new COO and Executive VP of Clinical Care

Mr. Takkar joined Western Dental in 2015 and has been leading the company’s Information Technology Department as Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer. Over several years, his role expanded to include leadership of the revenue cycle, call center, business intelligence and patient financing functions. In his new role, he will also assume responsibility for operations in the organization’s 325 dental practices in California, Texas, Arizona, Alabama and Nevada.

Mr. Takkar began his career as a software developer for one of the country’s leading dental practice management software companies. In the years before he joined Western Dental, he ran local dental offices, led regional and statewide operations, oversaw operational and financial reporting for a national orthodontic practice management firm, and headed IT for a multi-state group dental practice and dental HMO.

Western Dental also announces the promotion of Dr. Zhi Meng to Executive Vice President, Clinical Care.

Western Dental names new COO and Executive VP of Clinical Care

Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Meng has overall responsibility for operational support in the field and corporate office for general dentistry, orthodontics and all dental specialties, including pediatric dentistry.

Dr. Meng joined Western Dental in 1994 as an Associate Dentist. She was a practicing dentist for 12 years before taking a leadership role in operations as a Clinical Director. She later led the development of the organization’s extensive orthodontic program and then, as Senior Vice President, Specialty Services, developed and operationally supported the network that serves the specialty needs of patients in 325 Western Dental, Brident and Vital Smiles offices in California, Texas, Arizona, Alabama and Nevada.

Earlier in her career, Dr. Meng taught at the UCLA Dental School, where she also conducted oral cancer research, and at the UCLA Medical School as an Oral Pathology Specialist. Dr. Meng has been a licensed dentist in California since 1994.

To learn more, visit Westerndental.com.
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