Practice Management, HR and Accounting

Calamity, Catastrophe and Conflict Management.
Failure to address emotional turmoil is a dangerous business and can lead to burnout, depression, cardiovascular disease and many other physical ailments. This CE course focuses on proven methods to...
Kimberly Harms D.D.S.
CE Credits: 1.5
The Future of PPP
J. Robert Brooks, a certified exit planning adviser and business intermediary, explains what dentists who accepted PPP loans must keep in mind before selling their practices.
by J. Robert Brooks
October 2020
From Student to Practitioner
Third-year dental student Emma Bhaskar asked four recent graduates from dental school to discuss life in practice and share advice that could make life better for those who follow.
by Emma Bhaskar
New Grad Edition 2020
The Psychology Behind Why the Patient Says Yes or No to Diagnosed Treatment
Get your entire team on the same page by building their case presentation confidence and skill level with this in-depth treatment coordination training. This course focuses on how to easily increase...
Sean Field
CE Credits: 3
Creating a Remarkable Dental Practice: Building an Amazing Team
This course talks about the importance of practice culture, how to grow and shape an extraordinary team, and the challenges that all businesses face with hiring and how to improve your odds of...
Fred Joyal
CE Credits: 2.25
Two Years Down, A Lifetime to Go
Dr. Anum Ali, now in her third year of practice, reflects on the changes that have happened in her career since she wrote for last year’s New Grad issue, and shares some lessons she’s learned along...
by Dr. Anum Ali
New Grad Edition 2020
Creating a Remarkable Dental Practice: The State of the Dental Industry
This CE course dives deep into the current state of the dental industry, from insurance to technology to millennial employees. In addition it goes into the ideal mindsets necessary for a remarkable...
Fred Joyal
CE Credits: 2
Professional Courtesy: Dental Hygienists—Advocates for Practice and Patient Alike
Editorial director Dr. Tom Giacobbi spotlights how great hygienists not only clean teeth but also develop closer ties between patient and practice.
by Dr. Thomas Giacobbi
October 2020
Howard Speaks: Up Yours! (Productivity, That Is)
Dentaltown founder Dr. Howard Farran explains how the coronavirus labor scare has led to increases in practice productivity—and what dentists should do to keep those numbers high.
by Dr. Howard Farran
October 2020
The Coachable, Capable, Unstoppable Dental Team
When you think of individuals who are masters at their craft, not only are they capable, they also have an underlying foundational characteristic – coachability. Learn what it takes to make this...
Ms. Penny Reed
CE Credits: 2.25
Dental Practices and COVID-19
Labor attorney John J. Balitis discusses some of the dental practice’s legal rights and responsibilities during the COVID-19 pandemic, such as workplace policies, employee privacy and protection...
by John J. Balitis
October 2020
Patient Retention Strategies for Practice Growth.
This course will expose how you are currently grooming your patients to experience the feeling of indifference toward you and your practice. Discover the strategies that can be taken to resolve your...
Dana Pardue Salisbury, MBA
CE Credits: 1.5
Dental Professionals and Cultural Competency
Dr. Cathy Hung, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon and the author of a new book about cultural competency, explains why it’s important for dentists to develop these skills as they treat patients and...
by Dr. Cathy Hung
October 2020
Hidden Treasures: Finding the Buried Profit In Your Practice
Understand that while some dentists are looking for the latest cutting-edge treatments or technology, many are frustrated, overwhelmed or plateaued. In this presentation, you will be introduced to...
Ms. Heidi Mount
CE Credits: 1.5
Declining Reimbursement is a Real Problem. Reverse the Trend with Your Own Membership Plan!
For decades dentists have experienced a significant decline in insurance reimbursement that has now become a crisis. Unfortunately, dental insurance has become a major obstacle to providing great...
Dave Monahan
CE Credits: 1.5
Highly Valued
With many dental practices still operating with reduced schedules and staff, high-value patients may be more important than ever. The answers to these four questions will help dentists attract these...
by Corey Johnson
September 2020
Machine Learning
Artificial intelligence’s impact on the future of dental care
by Dr. Seth Gibree and Florian Hillen
September 2020
Should I Be Insurance Free?
Continued drops in dental insurance companies’ reimbursement fees and rule changes make the business of dentistry a constantly changing landscape. Learn how to make sense of this changing reality,...
Steve Anderson
CE Credits: 1.5
Increase Practice Revenue, Profit and Valuation without Adding New Patients
The course will cover the market research, practice data, and case studies that show how you can significantly increase the revenue, profitability and value of your practice without adding new...
Dave Monahan
CE Credits: 1.5
Product Profile: Topform Printing
Products that amplify your brand
September 2020
Moving Past Insurance Entitlement
The shift from traditional dental insurance to over 80% of reimbursement models being PPOs has had a cataclysmic impact on patient health, workplace stress and dental incomes. Mark shares a Six Step...
Dr. Mark Murphy
CE Credits: 1.5
Office Visit: Dr. Daniel Bird
“We produced almost the same amount of dentistry in May 2020 as we did in May 2019,” says this Townie, whose practice already had a no-waiting policy—there’s no front desk—and whose staff was always...
by Kyle Patton, associate editor
August 2020
Build a Front Office Team that Rocks!
Learn the communication skills and procedures that create the ultimate customer service experience for your patients. Improve and master the essential systems to reduce cancellations/no-shows, set...
Ms. Laura Hatch
CE Credits: 1.5
Continuing Education Update
Dr. Howard Goldstein, Dentaltown’s director of continuing education, shares the latest CE offerings released on last month.
by Dr. Howard Goldstein
August 2020
Howard Speaks: Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Dentaltown founder Dr. Howard Farran says the coronavirus pandemic offers young dentists an extraordinary option to buy their own practice.
by Dr. Howard Farran
August 2020
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